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Philippine based Visionary Photography Hub led by principal photographer Jervy Santiago are known for their beautiful wedding and engagement photography. Their team comprised of photographers, graphic and set designers, as well as, fashion experts takes engagement photography to a whole other level with their “cinematic e-pictorials”.

Having already featured their Left 4 Dead and Full Metal Panic cinematic e-pictorials on this blog, Visionary Photography Hub continues to push their creativity with their first ever 38-page comic book inspired shoot based on the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.! From initial concept to the final stunning product, four months of pre-production went into this two day shoot shot at four different locations.

Designed to mimic the 20-sided die created from Dungeons & Dragons, these D20 Cookies from Geeky Cookies are hand-frosted and come in custom colors. A “critical” hit at any geeky wedding these cookies come in 12 packs that sell for $18 and 24 packs that sell for $30.

A cute way to say ” I game” with this dice kanzashi from Mountain Musings on Etsy. “Every adventurer needs a little luck and protection, especially when it comes to magic. I can’t promise this clip will help you deflect spells, but it might bring you a little luck,”says shop owner Maegan.


Mariane and Ray’s wedding Pixel cake topper. Photo credit to Lauren C Photography.

From her home studio Christina creates the most amazing and unique personalized Polymer clay sculptures. I Do Cake Toppers was started in 2004 after making a string of cake toppers for friends and family Christina discovered her passion. She says, “It has been a rewarding endeavor to take part in so many joyous occasions through her clients.”

An incredible show cake entry to Austins 2012 that takes the cake competition by Elizabeth Rowe, looks too good to eat. See more of Elizabeth’s cakes at Cakes By Libby.