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Looks like Mario finally found his Princess hidden away inside this three-tiered wedding cake made by Stow, Ohio’s Bittersweet’s. Posting to Reddit’s “Cake Win” section where “cake is not a lie- it is actually full of win!”, the Husband and Wife team and owners of Bittersweet’s shared their amazing geek creation hot on the heels of this popular cake trend

Known for fashionable and high-end geek inspired corsets Los Angeles based Castle Corsetry provides a great selection of alternative bridal wear for the nerdy bride. Award-winning designer Lady Lauren, is the geek girl and cinching goddess behind the scenes, creating stunning corsets inspired by fan favorites such as Harry PotterStar Wars, Doctor Who and even this beautiful Game of Thrones corset perfect for you or your bridesmaids.

In the wake of the Red Wedding, take a look back at one of the show’s favorite couples Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr and the rivalry between the Houses Stark and Lannister in this beautiful Game of Thrones inspired bridal shoot.

Gold, red and grey sets the tone for this rustic shoot shot by Mollie Tobias Photography recreating happier times for Westeros’ ill-fated couple. “The color scheme revolves around the House Crests~ the Gold Lion of Lannister, Red Dragon of Targaryen, and Gray Direwolf of Stark. We used the Deer Head for Bartheon. The chess set, made from cold yet unbreakable marble, symbolizes the movements and strategies of the multiple characters and houses,” explains Mollie the Virginia based photographer.

Famous chocolaterie Choccywoccydoodah based in Brighton, UK was given the bloody honor to create a ‘red wedding’ cake to mark the release of Game of Thrones season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, was the first to slice into the amazing creation which took over 20 hours to make and was filled with rum, raisins, and of course, more chocolate. 

Bride Emilia was all smiles as she walked down the aisle in her white wedding dress and silver Jimmy Choos, a far cry from her sleeved tunic dress and fur-lined cape of the couple’s Game of Thrones inspired pre-wedding photo shoot shot by Fandi.es. With styling and makeup by Rodrigo Mireia Acosta, Emilia and Ramón enjoy a quick round of swordplay and each other’s company amid stone walls in a Westeros inspired location.

You may not recognize the name but Florida based The Cake Geek took the Internet by storm a few months ago with her Lord Of The Rings Minas Tirith wedding cake. Her latest cake creation is based on The Game Of Thrones television series’ Iron Throne is just as epic and baked for a King.

Lots of meticulous work went into the creation of this Iron Throne cake; the detailing on the swords and the woven effect on the back transform all that fondant into the seat of kings. The top of the cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse and chocolate cookie crumble filling. The bottom cake is made of vanilla cake with strawberry mouse and fresh strawberries.

Graphic designer Devan Nichole brings together her love of card making and geek culture to produce some beautiful wedding stationary based on the HBO series The Game Of Thrones. With more to come, Devan has created invitations and RSVP cards for the houses of Winterfell and Targaryen available now in her Etsy shop Nimbi Design.

Living in Portland, Oregon Devan came up with the name Nimbi “which is plural for a nimbus cloud…which living in the Northwest, felt quite appropriate, says Devan.” Always on the look out for a new project, which has subsequently spawned multiple Etsy shops to her name, Devan created Nimbi Design “to combine all of my old loves and the new one’s,” adds Devan, ” I discover along the way and share them with you, allowing you, to hopefully purchase them because you love them as much as I do. I want to provide fun and whimsical items, from jewelry, to cards, designs, custom work (invitations, business cards, etc.) to plushies, refurbished clothing, bags and so much more.”

Be sure to check out Devan’s blog to keep up on her current projects, how-to tutorials, gaming reviews and random posts about pinups and zombies (my kinda girl).

This House of Stark invitation for the wedding ceremony of Sansa and Geoffery (ugh) is available in any colors and letterpress. House mark and saying “Winter is coming.” This set includes: Invitation + matching envelope, RSVP + matching return envelope as well as the save the date + envelope.

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