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Glamorous details set against contrasting rustic elements set apart this beautiful Hunger Games styled shoot focusing on the love between Tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.

Naturally Yours Events brings together an incredible group of vendors to create a shoot that symbolize the journey our heroes make throughout the Hunger Games. Combining rich foods, exotic flowers, and little details taken straight from the books to reflect the extravagance of the Capital while rustic elements like farm tables, family photos, and the natural moss with primrose “kokedama favors” remind us of the character’s humble origins.”

The dedicated fangirl and baker over at Nerdache Cakes has created some amazingly geeky cupcakes and cakes in the past, but check out her latest creation. This Loki cupcake inspired by the Avengers.

“Loki’s helmet is made from 24 separate fondant pieces, and took over 3 days to put together. It’s pretty screen accurate- besides it being edible! His horns are actually carved pieces of fondant that started as solid rectangles”, says Ant.

Every week, Ant takes requests from a new Fandom and replicates it in cake form. She is currently taking submissions for her Legend of Korra Cake Challenge!

Hunger Games cupcake

It’s a full on themed wedding photo shoot war and photographer Casey Fatchett has thrown down the metaphorical gauntlet. Not to be outdone, Casey has not one but three amazingly geeky photo shoots inspired by The Hunger Games, True Blood and Game of Thrones.

“Remember when there were a whole bunch of Hunger Games themed wedding photo shoots right when the film came out? Brides, bloggers, and everyone in the wedding industry are always on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’, and pop culture plays a big part in that. But perhaps we should take a closer look at what is actually going on at the source. Here are three wedding ‘themes’ you may want to reconsider- The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and True Blood. This is a long blog post, so plant your tongue firmly in your cheek, strap yourselves in and…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

Hunger Games fans Carmen,of Carmen Santorelli Photography, and Stacie, of Stacie Shea Events brought to life their vision of a Hunger Games Wedding. Recreating the immensely popular book trilogy and movie by commissioning a Hunger Games themed styled wedding shoot.

You’ll find many elements of the books in this shoot from Katniss’ bow and arrows and iconic braid to Peeta’s baked breads and pies. Going with a yellow palette Lori of AvaFlora designed all the beautiful florals for the shoot. Jessica Haley Ink  created the menu, invitations, and all the fabulous paper items. All of the vintage goodies used throughout the shoot have been provided by Stacie’s Vintage Rental Company.

Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes based in Connecticut created all the cake and cupcakes. Pickles and Pies  created the little pies for the shoot.

Whether you’ve already seen the movie or are planning on seeing it again, what better way to share your Hunger Games excitement than with some fabulous nail art? Here is a round-up of some of the best Hunger Games inspired nail art out there!

Elizabeth Banks revealed some of Effie’s looks on her website, including these beautiful blue nails with caviar nail beads.

You wouldn’t think Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy would make for a great wedding, what with the televised survival competition pitting district against district. At the heart of the politics and fighting you’ll find an incredible story of love and perseverance.

Celebrating the movie release of the Hunger Games with some of the best cupcakes, cakes and cookies Mellark’s bakery, I mean, the internet has to offer. With lots of recipes and step by step instructions on how to make these edible creations yourself.