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The romance theme “Reflections”, composed by Jack Wall for the video game Mass Effect 2, fills the hall of an old Cornwall church as bride Santhie walks down the aisle towards her Commander Shepard. The couple, who are huge Mass Effectfans, decided to theme their wedding around the first two installments of Bioware’s popular science fiction trilogy. “We felt Mass Effect 3 was a big disappointment; like many fans, we felt the ending was particularly bad,” explains Santhie. “But we had already started planning a Mass Effect-themed wedding before the third game was released, and decided not to let it change our theme – we loved the first two games.”

Returning home from a trip to the Philipines Lyssa, a self-professed geek and jewelry designer at Melissa Dawn Jewelry, was about to receive the surprise of her life inside this manila envelope.

Mass Effect is Lyssa’s favorite video game series so when she was handed an envelope with N7 written on the front she assumed it was just a welcome home gift from her boyfriend. “Commander, you have a new message at your private terminal,” Lyssa was told as she was handed the envelope by a friend. Inside, was a photo of her boyfriend with the Mass Effect conversation wheel asking for a response to the phrase “will you marry me?” 

Here comes the bride all dressed in her…female Commander Shepard armor from Mass Effect? Maybe not today, but I’m sure she thought about it. As an experienced costumer, armorer and prop builder bride Holly Conrad is well known for her incredible cosplay as you can see from the many videos on her YouTube channel. However, for this geeky bride’s wedding day Holly choose to leave her N7 armor at home, opting for a cute and short silver dress inspired by the couple’s wedding theme which incorporated Holly’s love for Mass Effect and Ross’ love of Doctor Who.

Anna, a clay artist based in Seoul, South Korea creates handmade, unique and adorable wedding cake toppers. “I have focused on the teaching for a long time and started to make a sculpture with clay in 2005 and now its been 5 years. Within these years I exhibit my sculptures to Character Festival in LA, 2006 and another Character Festival in Khan, 2007. Those expriences make me sure that people will love my sculpture…” You can order a pre-made cake topper from her Etsy shop, Anna Crafts, or have her create a custom topper to resemble you and your significant other.

Just finished playing Mass Effect 3 so I thought I’d show a little love toward the series on the blog today with an inspiration board. Hope your wedding has a happier ending then the one in the game. Mass Effect is a sci-fi action role-playing video games series developed by the Canadian video game company BioWare. The trilogy centers around Commander Shepard and his/her mission to save the galaxy from a race of mechanical beings known as the Reapers.

Photographer Matt Hudson came up with the design and idea for a Mass Effect themed groom’s cake. The wording was rephrased a bit to fit on the cake to make it legible, but they made it work. Matt also chose the design of the first normandy to make the size and the complexity a little lower than by using the second one. Matt says, “I had to give the cake artist some leeway, otherwise the cake I actually wanted was 2x this size, and was way more than what we needed.”