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Plants vs Zombies

A lot of attention went into the personalities of these Plants vs Zombies cupcakes by Astral de la Mare owner of Buttercream Bakery in Brighton, England. ”The toppers were all really simple to make but each of the goofy, grumpy little guys have so much personality, it is impossible not to fall in love with them, says Astral.” Opting out of green frosting “…because I though the green would look pretty horrible against the Red Velvet, instead I opted to add just a few neon green sprinkles.”


Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense action video game developed and originally published by PopCap Games. The game involves a homeowner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of zombies from “eating their brains”. Players place different types of plants and fungi, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around a house in order to stop a horde of zombies from eating the brains of the residents.