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More than 2,000 fans attended the first GaymerX in San Francisco over the weekend,  a LGBT-oriented gaming and geek culture convention, where GLaDOS was on hand to help with a surprise proposal. A very nice Ellen McLain, who voices GLaDOS in the video game Portal, sang her famous song “Still Alive” to help an attendee propose to his boyfriend following the Voice Acting 101 panel.

This miniature version of the Doctor’s Tardis features a pulsating LED light at the top of the famous police box from Etsy shop BitsWithByte. The light pulses at the same frequency as its full size counterpart on the show and comes with a ring insert and a inscription plate. “Just the thought of helping someone create their dream piece whether it be for a wedding, a present or for themselves, is my passion,” says shop owner Octavia. She also has a really cute, handmade Companion Cube engagement ring box available in her shop as well.

It’s no lie that Cakes by Beth creates beautiful, award winning cakes from their studio in Manchester, United Kingdom; and this Portal/companion Cube wedding cake is no exception winning an award in my book. “The couple wanted something geeky but also still a wedding cake and pretty,” says owner Beth. I love how she took the heart detail from the faces of the companion cube to use as a pattern on the base tier. “We also changed the phrase from “the cake is a lie” to “the cake is not a lie” as I felt that this was more appropriate. A hand-painted the sign saying this, trying to emulate the style of the writing on the wall in the game,”adds Beth.

Indiana based The Cake Kitchen  made this Companion Cube wedding cake with ” The cake is a lie” mini cakes from the game Portal. The couple made the topper themselves: a Minion from Despicable Me and Gir from Invader Zim. The bakery also made this Doctor Who groom’s cake, everything is edible except for the characters.

“1-up” your fellow brides with this collection of video game themed wedding invitations, that will fill anyone’s health bar.

Looking for a creative way to invite your family and friends to your big day? Or even if you go the more traditional route for your wedding, a fun invite will make you the envy of all your friends. Here are some great examples of video game themed wedding invitations that others have used to make their wedding invites “powered-up”, with the likes of Pac-man, Portal and Mario. Because nothing says wedding like 8-bit hearts.