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Digital illustrator and sculptor who goes by the name HerArtSheLoves is the owner of Robots Are Awesome, an Etsy shop whose name expresses exactly how its owner feels about robots. A self-proclaimed “uber nerd” who loves sci-fi and robots, “K-9, Bender, Robbie the Robot… I get to work with an art media, I fell in love with as a child and get my geek on every day.”

From her home studio in Orlando, Florida HerArtSheLoves has been making these cute little robots since 2009. “Creating these awesome robot sculptures is my full time day job. I personally take all photos, answer all e-mails/ etsy convos, wrap up and ship out each awesome robot.” HerArtSheLoves has created over 350 robots and over 60 wedding cake topper robots of all sizes and shapes all of which are handmade by her alone. How does she make them? “polymer clay shaped into robotic goodness, beads added for eyes and wire woven into springs to make the neck, arms & legs (coiling gizmo rocks). After baking, multiple coats of varnish are brushed on for protection and shiny delight.”

What happens when an engineer says “I do”…robot photographers that take pictures of guests and time-lapse video or Judgement Day!

Sacha De’Angeli, an engineer at Simple Switch Labs decided to design his own photo booth for his wedding using a camera, an Arduino and other random electronics as an alternative to renting an expensive photo booth. “I’m getting married, and I didn’t like the options for photo booths, so I made this thing…to make a time-lapse video of my entire event.” Six months and hundreds of prototypes later, the robot photographer known as Photoboop was born.

Toronto based bakery For The Love Of Cake created this cake for the ‘Cake Walk’ on Slice which aired for the first time in the fall of 2011. The cake was over 4ft tall and weighed around 350-400lbs. The LCD screen in the male robots chest alternated between binary code and it’s translation relating to the engaged couple and their wedding date. There are also small lights in the base of the female robots ‘s skirt.

Every bride and groom want their day to be special, unique from all other weddings. So set the tone of your wedding with the first thing your guests will see, the wedding invitations.

Custom invites with no templates, no pre-designed fill in the blanks are what design studio I’ll Know It When I see It specialize in. Starting every design from scratch, based on your personal needs and any wallet size. Offering design services for custom wedding stationery from invites to reply cards, maps, thank you cards, seating charts, table cards and more. As well as custom and personally designed monograms.

One of their most popular wedding invite designs is their chic, geeky robot theme. So when New York couple Bianca and Dylan were looking for a fun invite that guests would say, “that’s so Bianca and Dylan” when they opened it. They went straight to Cassie and Christine the two girls behind I’ll Know It When I See It.