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When Star Wars fan Amy and Star Trek fan Thomas shot their engagement shoot it was a battle of fandoms, but one thing these two could both agree on was comics.

Amy Ratcliffe (Geek With Curves) is known for her love of Star Wars and is a writer for FashionablyGeek, IGN and StarWars.com; her Husband-to-be Thomas Zahler is the creator of the superhero romantic comedy Love and Capes, so naturally, these two were made for each other. “Thom and I met at Comic-Con (truth be told, I sort of fangirled on him about his comic) and geek culture is a big part of our relationship,” says Amy. “He’s a little more Trek and I’m a little more Wars, but we have plenty in common to make conversations (or debates) a blast.”

Beauty blogger and freelance Makeup Artist Sahily may not be a fan of the popular sci-fi series but she sure is skilled with a makeup brush. This look probably won’t be something you’d wear on your wedding day but still a great example of geeky eye shadow art.

Comic Book Proposal

Using an old Star Trek comic she purchased for $2.50 in 1995 Sue of Anomalous Musings created these decoupaged heels using nothing more then Mod Podge, a paintbrush and scissors. Although not intended to be used for popping the question, but Sue’s addition of Picard’s proposal to Crusher gave me the idea that these would make for a very unique proposal idea.

Comic Book Proposal

Featuring the Enterprise and Captain Picard prominently on the toe and “Star” and “Trek” on the heels. Inside, Sue explains, “because this area is less likely to be seen unless someone is really inspecting your shoes, this is where I put the stuff that’s amusing to me.  For example, in this comic book, Picard proposes to Crusher on the Holodeck, so you better believe that that speech bubble is on the inside of my left foot, and “created by Gene Roddenberry” is on the inside of my right.”

Swedish Star Trek fans Josefin and Sonnie traveled all the way to London to exchange vows in what is now the UK’s first Klingon wedding! Wearing traditional red Klingon wedding robes with full Klingon forehead prosthetics, the couple married at east London’s ExCel Centre at the first official Star Trek convention in Britain in more than a decade. Entering to the drumming of a huge kong, the couple had the full attention of every nearby Trekkie. The truly in love couple, appropriately concluded their ceremony with the Klingon cry which translates to life, honour and success.

Charlotte, the talented owner of the London based Restoration Cake, provided the couple’s incredible Borg inspired three-tired wedding cake. “This is definitely the biggest and most complex Wedding Cake that I have ever created, ” Charlotte adds, “I am not at all scared of a challenge and when tested to put my principles of giving a couple EXACTLY what they want on their big day, I am there with piping bag at the ready!”

halloween star trek wedding cake

This Halloween/Star Trek wedding cake made by The Little Cherry Cake Company is perfect for any October Trekkie wedding. The latest in a long list of amazing and geeky cakes of art, The Little Cherry Cake Company is all about taking your personality, hobbies and likes and turning them into amazing cakes that taste as good as they look.

Owner Tracey is such a huge horror fan at heart (just check out her wedding photos or blog) that she has a new sister site called Black Cherry Cake Company which will be opening this Halloween! So make sure to check it out to find skulls, zombies, Tim Burton cakes, alternative wedding cakes, as well as, a some geeky cake designs!

Drawing inspiration from across two galactic geek universes: Star Trek and Star Wars; this beautiful wedding between two Sci-Fi fans was shot by the talented and green wedding photographers at BG Productions. A Philadelphia husband and wife team who specializes in weddings photography and videography are also geeks at heart themselves.