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Arizona couple Sarah and Adam love Steampunk, so much so, it was the theme of their October 31st wedding; and capturing every leather corset and metal gear was the amazing team at Photo Love Photography. ”We loved this totally unique wedding! It isn’t every day that we get the opportunity to photograph a Steampunk Wedding,” says Photo Love co-owner Kaity. 

Made for her sister who loves the man in the Iron Man suit (Robert Downey Jr) and Steampunk by Tyann of Delectable Cakes. With gears spilling out from the side, an arc reactor on top and Iron Man’s mask with eyes that actually light up, this cake is pretty awesome.

Planning on doing something different for your wedding day and don’t know where to start? Maybe your looking for a Gothic wedding dress or a Doctor Who themed wedding cake? Or maybe you just want to start at the beginning and find a planner that understands ‘your style’? Well there’s a new wedding show in town, promising to be like no other wedding show you’ve ever seen or been to before.

Hades Shoes, formerly Metropolis Shoes, is one of the leading alternative footwear brands in the US and creates some amazing Steampunk inspired shoes and boots. Based out of California, designers from around the world work to create amazing shoes for both men and woman as part of their high end collections. Hades caters to all different types of styles including vintage, alternative, Goth, industrial and steampunk.


Photo Credit: Like A Tea Tray In The Sky

Like A Tea Tray In The Sky shows you the process of  altering a pair of white, fake leather boots to look like the boots worn in the film Alice in Wonderland. They can also double as a great pair of affordable Steampunk inspired wedding boots. Just by using a spray paint product meant for car interiors, these non-leather shoes can be colored with lasting results and achieved without cracking.