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Looks like Mario finally found his Princess hidden away inside this three-tiered wedding cake made by Stow, Ohio’s Bittersweet’s. Posting to Reddit’s “Cake Win” section where “cake is not a lie- it is actually full of win!”, the Husband and Wife team and owners of Bittersweet’s shared their amazing geek creation hot on the heels of this popular cake trend

Take a romantic trip through the Mushroom Kingdom with these two Mario themed engagement shoots from Fandi.es. Located in Valencia, Spain Fandi.es is all about creative and artistic photography with a team of stylists, makeup artists and craftsmen ready to create unforgettable weddings and engagement shoots just like these.

Etsy shop RBK Creations is a mother and daughter team from Northern Dallas who create whimsical and sometimes geeky bouquets, like this Mario Bros inspired one with matching mini bouquets and boutonnières. Hand embroidered with a mixture of flowers, star flowers and mushrooms along with individually hand sewn buttons, this bouquet is perfect for any gamer bride.

Each of their pieces from their shop can made from buttons, felt, satin or organza and customized to your theme and choice of colors. The best part about these bouquets is that they will never wilt so you can save them as a keepsake for after the wedding, gamers like a high replay value.

Mario finally found the right castle and got to marry his princess and instead of a wedding cake had wedding cupcakes! These Princess Peach inspired pink cupcakes actually have peaches in them with a princess crown on top made from fondant. Red and yellow food coloring was used to achieve the pink color of Peach’s dress in the cupcake and the yellow of her hair in the frosting.

These custom painted wedding heels from Etsy shop Bbee Shoes are pretty amazing. Each one is hand-painted by seventeen year old Alexandra Trim who has been painting shoes since she was thirteen years old! “[the bride] wanted me to paint her mint green wedding shoes with a Mario and Peach wedding theme. I painted two piranha plants on the heels, and fireflowers around the bottoms of the shoes. The sides feature Mario and Peach in front of a castle, as well as Luigi and Wario dressed in tuxedos on the other shoe.”

Personalize your wedding dress with something unique, like a sash or belt like this one inspired by the pipes and mushrooms in the Mario Bros video games. Bridal sashes or belts are a great way to add a pop of color or a touch of your geeky personality to a white wedding dress. Buying a sash from a bridal store could cost you hundreds of dollars depending on how much bling you want; but making your own is quick, easy and super affordable.  This one took me 10 minutes and cost about $5 but you can add swarovski crystals, feathers or beads to bling out your very own one of a kind bridal sash.

This crafty gamer girl showed off her Mario themed marriage proposal to her boyfriend (who said yes) over on her Tumblr page.

“I painted the box, and made the felt and foam inside myself, and then did the pictures and text and printed it out and messed around with it until I worked out properly. It took me around 4 hours or so to paint everything (a few coats) and set it all up!”