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Superhero fans Amanda and Taylor channeled their inner Clark Kent and Lois Lane for their Superman themed engagement shoot.

The couple met in college after they both received scholarships to Western Wyoming for Theatre. Later putting those theater skills to work incorporating props and costumes into their outdoor shoot. “We are both geeks in our own way but we both love superheroes,” says Amanda. Photographer Amanda Burton of Creative Wedding Events navigated her way through the cornfield with the couple all the while shooting some amazing shots. 

Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man cake pops made by Sweet Lauren Cakes in San Francisco, California are a trendy and geeky crime fighting bite-sized treat. Made with your choice of cake mixed with icing and covered in a hard chocolate shell they make the perfect dessert bar wedding treat.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a CAD rendering of what you can expect when you order this superman cut diamond ring valued between $3,000-4,000 by Virginia based Valentines Jewelry.

“Our customer wanted a unique right hand ring for an anniversary gift. She likes modern jewelry and unique cut stones so we suggested the shield/superman cut diamond and worked with the customer on a design idea. The picture is a CAD rendering of what we came up with and it turned out great!”

All Superman needs is to put on a pair of glasses and a suit and he’s mild mannered reporter Clark Kent. Now he wears these officially licensed Superman cape cufflinks and he thinks he’s got the whole world fooled, and in Metropolis, he does.

Take your pick from Optimus Prime, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman And Wolverine.

Created by Little Box of Ideas, ”I decided to do a set of Superheroes Palettes. If it worked for them, then the combinations would have to be perfect. So I picked up a few of my favorites from the top of my head and picked a color palette of 12 colors for each, saved them as .ase [Adobe Swatch Exchange] files and Voila!! I have a zip file of 8 palettes for you to download.”