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Everyone needs a player two and for Patrick the search for his was over when he met Katie in high school. “We’ve built our relationship on Game Boys, chess boards, and boxes of comics,” says Patrick, “because these are all things to be shared and experienced together, and with Katie as my Player 2, every adventure is more exciting, every challenge is more rewarding, and every moment is a lifetime of happiness.”

Infusing a variety of their favorite geek inspired interests and hobbies into their wedding Morgan and David unlock a few achievements on the way to the altar. The Shattuck Golf Club located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire set the stage for Morgan and David’s wedding with its rustic interior space and majestic views of Mt. Monadnock during the ceremony.

From a toy ring proposal to their video game themed wedding on a championship golf course with Creatrix Photography, hit the fairway with Jovi and Brandon in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A fateful message on an online dating site from Brandon was the beginning of their geeky love. ”I checked out his profile,” explains Jovi, “My idea of a great first date – anything that doesn’t FEEL like a first date. Ok, that’s not too bad – no cliches…and his msg was really casual “let me know if you want to talk and get to know each other – even if it’s just as friends”. So I msg’d him back! And we started talking back and forth…then went on to Gmail/Gchat, and eventually Facebook.” From there the two found they shared a mutual friend and had both been planning to attend his Game Night the day before Valentine’s Day.

This sneaky Link by DeviantArt artist Emma-Is-A-Leaf was created for her brother’s wedding cake. Similar to last year’s hidden Spider-Man the artist wanted to create something that would look like it’s coming out from under the bottom of the cake, and in this case, it’s Link.