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The latest custom engagement ring box from freelance sculptor and designer Paul Pape is modeled after the Horde Gunship Armory Chest from World of Warcraft. This little box comes complete with miniature Toons and a Julia’s Engagement Ring treasure card once equipped will gain it’s user a lifelong partner. 

The Red Room (Sala Rossa Campidoglio) located on Capitoline Hill in Rome stands just steps away from the Roman Forum and Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio. Famous for its civil weddings within its red hall where many couples have said their “I dos”, but non quite like Ilaria and Edoardo.

Unauthorized account access aside, this is one clever way to propose to a World of Warcraft fan. On the us.battle.net forums user Philmardde wrote that she “woke up to find that I had some new toons on my account that I didn’t remember making, on a server I’ve never played on.” Her boyfriend had created 5 new toons or characters under her account: Will, You, Marry, Me and Questionmark.

She said yes!

These custom 8-bit World of Warcraft NES cartridges by 72 pins are modern art with a nostalgic twist, and make for some very cool wedding invitations.

Well they aren’t actual remade games the donor cart’s original game still remains intact. Inside you’ll find the original NES title the donor cart had in it so you could be playing Super Mario Bros on your friend’s wedding invitation.

This geeky couple came up with a creative way to incorporate their love for WOW into their engagement photos. Bree, a veteran WOW guild member in the Brat Brigade (Aggramar), enlisted the help of Georgia based Chill Photography to aid in the couple’s photographic quest. A national award winning photographer Chill ”was such a pleasure to work with and totally let my fiance and I have the creative leash for these photos,” says Bree.

This gamer Bride and her Husband, whom she met while playing as a female Night Elf rogue in World Of Warcraft, came up with a great concept for their wedding rings. Inscribed on the inside of their white gold bands is the phrase “Bind on Equip.” An obvious reference to the online game and was incorporated into their ceremony as being soul bound to them.

Known as the gaming couple among their friends Reshele and Brent incorporated touches of their “geeky” personality into their gamer themed wedding. “PC to console to board games we pretty much play it all.  When we were planning our wedding, the one thing we knew for sure we wanted was to reflect that aspect of our relationship. It started with our engagement shoot.  We wanted to incorporate our love of games in the clothes we wore to the props we used.  During the wedding we wanted to keep things more simple.”

WoW wedding invitations designed by Adger Rothwell from Sealed With Appeal, an award winning stationery design studio dedicated to helping you express your vision through print and stationery design. Sealed With Appeal offers a wide selection of print and stationery services customized to fit your event.

“To label ourselves stationery artists seems so, well, stationary. The thought of what stationery can lead to, however, provides endless possibilities to the creative mind. Though our main focus is wedding stationery, we love the chance to dabble in additional artistic mediums. Notepads, magnets, pens, address labels, stickers … make sure to inquire if there’s something special you’re searching for!”

Warcraft is a franchise of video games, novels, and other media created by Blizzard Entertainment. Adger’s design features the crest of the Alliance one of two major political factions of the mortal races in Azeroth, its counterpart being the Horde.