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A romantic picnic and engagement shoot turns into a living nightmare for Hungarian couple Alexandra and Krisztian who are being chased by a killer. Photographer Laszlo Bodnar of Eleven Photo captured this thriller of a shoot shot at a factory in Budapest, Hungary later transforming it into a comic for the couple.

“Whether you survived the zombie apocalypse or not, you better be there,” reads Shannon and Flo’s epic zombie inspired comic save-the-date.

Both come from different backgrounds Shannon a girly, girl who likes to kill zombies with neon pink pumps. Her other half Flo, a self-professed geek who put together their comic book love story panel by panel with their engagement photos shot by Cashman Brothers photography. Check out their logo on the bottom right- it’s the Green Lantern icon with a Hello Kitty silhouette, cute.

The idea for their engagement shoot was “to be something different from all Vegas engagement pictures,” says the couple. After deciding on the zombie theme, the pair picked Nelson’s Landing in Nevada as the perfect location for their zombie slaying romance. ” It had a ghost town, the hills have eyes kind of feel to it,” explains the couple, “well it is an old mining area.”

Sarah and Phil knew that till death wasn’t in the cards for these two zombie fans. Showing their love will live on even after death, this awesome couple enlisted the talented Amanda Kopp to photograph thier zombie inspired photo shoot. Amanda combines fashion editorial and photo-journalism to create her own style of photography she showcases in these outdoor late October shots in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

So you want a zombie wedding photo of you and your wedding party, but don’t want to mess up your dress or hair and makeup. Groom Josiahx posted a video on how he “zombified” his wedding party and turned himself and his bride into zombie slayers. “we had our photographer grab a shot of everyone in their best zombie pose,” says Josiahx, “So, I decided to do a bit of Photoshop, and timelapse it!”

Earlier this week I featured his Walking Dead Engagement Shoot shot at the show’s production location in Grantville, Georgia. Today, I have another beautiful (yes, I said beautiful) zombie themed shoot from photographer William Hogan owner of Famous William Company. Collaborating with The Funky Shack an art studio that caters to designing weddings, and weirdly, has a connection to the popular AMC zombie series. Scenes of Season 3 of The Walking Dead were filmed in their studio with zombies being decapitated right in the space where they hold design consultations with their brides!